Why custom cabinets?
Simply put, custom design and many more decorative and functional features – all custom sized to fit your space perfectly. With the other, more common, "modular" cabinets, your choices are limited and the cabinets come in incremental sizes which can lead to wasted space and use of unsightly fillers to make up the difference. Custom designs ensure that your cabinets fit perfectly and uniquely represent your home and personal style.

How long does it take to get custom cabinets?
Custom cabinets can take anywhere from a few weeks to six months depending where you buy them and the manufacturer’s backlog and capacity. At Precision, once you feel comfortable that the design and options are exactly what you want, manufacturing your custom cabinets typically takes from 6 to 8 weeks depending on our schedule and custom options you’ve selected.

What’s the advantage of using a local manufacturer?
It is rare to see where the products you're going to buy are actually made and see firsthand the environment and people behind the product. Is it the kind of business with which you'd feel comfortable working? Supporting your local businesses is good for your local economy. Another advantage is the level of service you can receive when the manufacturer is in your area. This minimizes the length of time it takes to remedy any potential issues.

Are custom cabinets expensive?
Not necessarily. Size does matter. A mid-sized local manufacturer can provide both the flexibility of small shops and the efficiencies that come with volume, proven systems, equipment and quality standards that are typically only found with larger manufacturers. Small shops usually don’t have the ability to make custom cabinets quickly or handle any significant volume. Large manufactures typically don’t have the flexibility of small shops or low overhead costs. A mid-sized shop, in most cases, can offer a higher quality, more custom options and better service all while staying very competitive with even the big-box stores.

What are the steps to getting my new cabinets?
We recognize and appreciate your unique taste, budget and needs, but there is a flow that is consistent from project to project. We can either meet at your home, job site, or our showroom, depending on the stage of your project or your preference.

Our showroom is an excellent place to start because of the wide selections on display. One of our designers will review your plans and ideas with you, guide you through various kitchen styles, cabinet constructions options, door styles, materials, finishes, decorative and functional features to get a feel for your style preferences and understand your particular requirements.

From there we prepare a design concept and an estimate that meets your budget. Preliminary drawings will be prepared for your review. Our goal is to provide you with all the information you will need to make an informed decision.

We ask a 50% deposit once you accept our proposal. Final payment is due prior to delivery.

Next we'll refine your design, set up a field measure date (when ready), review appliance list, plumbing and electrical locations and coordinate with your contractor and your schedule.

When do I pick my Appliances?
One of the early critical decisions you will need to make in this process is which appliances you want. The type of appliances you choose will have a significant impact on the final outcome of the look of your kitchen. You may want to consider incorporating Appliance Panels as an eloquent way to integrate your appliances into the cabinet design.

There are three types of Appliance Panels to consider, each with a varied degree of concealment and complexity. Please see our Appliance Panel Reference Guide to help you make an informed decision.

What styles of cabinets do you offer?
Nearly any style! The most popular styles that customers look for are Traditional, Craftsman, Contemporary, Mediterranean, and Eclectic. There are a few key elements of cabinet design that contributes to its style. How these elements come together, such as, cabinet construction, door style, wood species, finish and decorative features, is where your style comes alive. Our designers are experts and are here to help you develop a design that is uniquely yours.

What door style choices are available?
They range in detail from simple flat panel doors to intricate 9-piece mitered doors. There are more than seventy standard door styles to pick from and more if a custom style is what you're looking for.

What cabinet construction choices do I have?
You have 4 different options. The cabinet construction has more to do with your particular style preference because the quality is relatively equal.

1/2" OVERLAY is the most common and economical construction type. The doors are mounted outside the face frames and overlay the frame by ½” on all four sides. There is space left between the doors and drawers to allow for a natural finger pull on the doors and drawers. Pulls or handles are optional with this construction.

FULL OVERLAY utilizes a similar construction method as the 1/2" Overlay, but maintains a smaller 1/4" gap between the doors and drawers. Pulls or handles are required with this construction.

FRAMELESS also known as "European" or "Euro" style, is constructed without a face frame. This style maintains an even smaller 1/8" gap between all doors and drawers, virtually covering the cabinet box and giving the Frameless style a clean, contemporary look. Knobs are required for base cabinets and optional for upper cabinets

INSET describes how the doors and drawers fit inside and flush with the face frame of the cabinet, allowing you to see the full width of the frame. Beaded Inset is a variation which includes a beaded detail on the frame surrounding each door and drawer. Pulls or knobs are required with this construction.

          construction types

What’s the best Finish and why?
Baked-on Conversion Varnish, either pigmented to resemble paint, or over a stain controller and a high quality dye stain. This should be combined with proper sanding techniques and wood selection. The criteria for the best finish is typically described as one that enhances the natural beauty of the wood, is consistent from one side to the other, smooth to the touch, and will hold up to normal use over time.

Lacquer is a more common clear finish since it is far less expensive and is an easier finish to apply or repair. It can be applied over paint or stain, however it is far less durable and is even susceptible to water damage. Conversion Varnish is substantially more resistant to moisture, solvents, stains, heat, and household chemicals. Without question, Conversion Varnish is the finish to have.

How do finishes in California compare to out-of-state finishes?
It is a common myth that it is impossible to get a superior finish from a manufacturer in California. This is untrue.
It does, however, require a thorough understanding of the V.O.C. compliancy laws, a substantial investment in the proper finishing equipment, and highly skilled finishers to do it right. Our Bay Area Air Quality Control takes steps to keep our air clean and safe for the environment. This is good for us all and allows us to provide finishes that are second to none.

Does it matter if the cabinets are finished on the job site?
Suppliers that offer cabinets finished in-house, prior to delivery are best. Finishing in a controlled environment is important because the finishing materials are sensitive to temperature and dust. Finishing on the job site where the temperature can be too warm or too cold can cause adhesion and quality issues.

Additionally, it is difficult to control the dust particles on a job site. Dust can land on the cabinets either during or between coats waiting to dry, which can later be seen and felt. Some suppliers do not have the space, or expertise, to do the finish in-house and consequently deliver their cabinets to another company to finish which can cause delays and potential damage in moving cabinets to another location.

Finally, if a problem should arise, it would be an advantage in having one company responsible for all facets of the project, including manufacturing, finishing and installation.

Are Delivery and Installation available?
Yes! Our in-house teams of uniformed, professional delivery people and installers will make a big difference in how your kitchen looks and feels. We installed cabinets in over 1,500 homes in the year 2010, alone. As such, we have a level of expertise and special equipment a typical contractor does not acquire over their entire career.

Do you offer design assistance?
Absolutely! Our team designs more than 1,000 kitchens a year! We have decades of high-end design experience. We use your plans, drawings, clippings, any pictures you may have, selections from our showroom filled with options, and our computer-aided cabinet design software to help guide you through the design process.

What does your warranty cover?
Cabinet boxes, doors, drawers, shelves, and accessories that are manufactured and sold by Precision Cabinets & Trim are guaranteed to be free from defects in workmanship and materials under normal use for 10 years. Doors, Drawer Faces, and panel ends are guaranteed not to warp or twist in excess of 3/16" of an inch. A full copy of our warranty can be found here.